About Me

Hi, Keldric here. Thanks for checking out this page.

I have always been devoted to keeping my life balanced; I work hard and play hard. Always looking for ways to improve myself, I used to explore the shelves of local book stores in search of interesting material. Then I discovered the world of digital products.

I was like a kid in a candy store, getting things left, right and center. Anything from updates to what I already know, things they didn’t teach me in school and some that they would probably NEVER teach in schools

I found out the hard way that these digital products were not all created equal. Some were downright scams; others were just average, and several ones stood out in their field. I want to get the word out about those excellent products that I discovered based on personal experience, people whom I know also used them and from further research.

I hope you found some great info on this site.


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