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You love to sing.

It’s an expression that naturally bubbles from your heart. You’re in Music Heaven when your voice goes up in melodious renditions. You’re ready to take singing to the next level…

Now, you need to get more singing lessons under your belt to better capture the melodies expressed from within. Traditional music lessons are either too expensive or not focused enough to help you get your groove, leaving Online Singing Courses as the obvious choice.

SpotlightImagine being a rock star or diva, singing in a full- packed venue, beneath the spotlight and to deafening applause from fans all around you.

Imagine impressing the ladies (or guys) when you’re out on karaoke nights or in open-microphone events. How would you feel if you were on a moonlit beach alone with your true love, singing to the accompaniment of a guitar?

We all have singing talent, in varying degrees of skill. We all want to bring our own to perfection with training and practice. Most of us however, don’t have the time or the money to learn through professional voice instructors. Like all else, we could turn to online singing lessons as an alternative.


But, Online Singing Courses – Do They Really Work?

From experience, many digital products are of low quality; very few programs gave me the “WOW” factor. I searched for highly recommended online singing courses and spent time on several trial lessons.

A few bucks down the drain and seemingly unending disappointments later, I was about to give up on learning anything online. As I was in self-pity mode and bemoaning my inability to get back the time I had spent trying out other programs which failed terribly, I literally stumbled upon the one I was looking for.

Product Image for Superior Singing MethodEffective, delivers quick results, and gives great value for money. These are the words that capture the value that this product offers.

As the taste of the pudding is in the eating, I basically swooned when I caught a glimpse of the huge possibilities offered by this effective singing course.

The course to learn: The Superior Singing Method.


Here’s the course I found that will help you get on the right track right from the start:

Visit the Superior Singing Method Website

1. What Is the Superior Singing Method?

This is a step-by-step online course tailored to offer you singing lessons from a professional vocal coach – anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.

Aaron Anastasi, the creator of this program, is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach with over two decades of experience in the music industry. He has worked with Grammy award-winning producers, toured many parts of the world and is still producing music himself. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lee University in Tennessee and a Masters degree from Princeton in New Jersey.

Anatomy of muscles for online vocal training.The Superior Singing Method is an innovative, step-by-step course based on his 25+ years of singing experience and revolves around the biological factors that affect the voice, while seeking to enhance and drastically improve it. When muscles involved in singing are properly strengthened and trained through this cutting edge program, amazing enhancements in vocal strength, tone, agility and resonance could be achieved.


The 8 Core Modules:

The Superior Singing Method is organized into several modules; each one containing six days of vocal lessons and a rest day. The exercise sets may change, with new lessons added or removed each day to better capture the client’s specific skill-set. You’re also advised to watch the videos first and follow along with the audio exercises; you may also read the manual for additional tips.

Following the lessons in the right order will quickly maximize your vocal progress.

Member's area for Superior Singing Method Online Singing LessonsModule 1 Warm-Up Exercises – Prime your voice correctly before singing or doing any vocal lessons. You’ll be doing these exercises throughout the course and your singing career.

Module 2 Breath Management – Breathing control exercises and techniques will help sustain your pitch and volume, especially when belting out sustained high notes.

Module 3 Vocal Tone – Control your soft palate and eliminate unwanted nasal factors to help you sing in clear tones.

Module 4 Pitch – Sing on pitch with lessons on vocal sliding and gaining voice muscle memory. Learn about other factors that may affect your pitch control so you can stay on the right track.

Module 5 Power and Resonance – It’s not all about volume. You’ll learn mouth and tongue control techniques to project your voice with power and resonance.

Advanced singer using the techniques from the online singing course, Superior Singing Method.Module 6 High Notes and Mix – When you’ve reached this point, you’ll be amazed by how far your voice has been enhanced and you’ll be glad you started this course. Here, you’ll focus on building your head voice (higher register), mixing it with your chest voice (lower register) and smoothly transition between them – just like every great singer does.

Module 7 Vocal Agility – Exercises on vocal runs and mastering different notes to hit each one on perfect key.

Module 8 Advanced Vocal Strengthening and Techniques – A mix of everything you’ve gone through the past weeks and more techniques for vibrato, falsetto and strengthening your head and chest voices. By the time you’ve finished the core modules, you’ll get used to people being amazed at your singing.

The Superior Singing Method isn’t just a collection of vocal lessons; it’s a music genie that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step, the easiest and most effective methods of learning how to sing.


Are you ready to take your singing to the next Level?

Superior Singing Method Official Site

Superior Singing Method Shows You How!



2. Is the Superior Singing Method Effective?

Some time ago, I obtained the Superior Singing Method. While it is natural to get excited at the value it adds to your singing dream, we need to put all in perspective.

Musicians using online singing lessons.Here’s what it’s not:

A. It’s not a magic wand that could turn you into a singing sensation overnight. Putting in time and effort is essential, since you are building and training muscles, just like in the gym.

B. You’ll mostly perform the lessons by yourself and you may think this would affect your learning. Aaron has found a way around this situation by designing the exercises in a specific manner. By the time you’ve started to perform the lessons, you’ll find that you don’t need much help to properly do them.

C. It’s not going to give you feedback. Due to the unique setup of the Superior Singing Method, you may record your voice so you can listen to it later, or have someone else review it. When you want to reach master skill levels, you may also perform the advanced exercises on your own and schedule feedback sessions with a professional just once or twice a month.

D. It’s not a program that runs on autopilot. Your success depends on your drive and initiative to improve your singing abilities. This definitely means that for some people, getting singing lessons the traditional way from a voice coach may be more effective.


Alright, now for the interesting parts…

Concert of a band that used the Superior Singing Method in addition to taking voice lessons from a professional voice coach.

Here’s what it is:

A. The Superior Singing Method system is a complete online voice training course, applicable to all singing skill levels. It’s as good as getting one-on-one coaching from Aaron himself – from the comfort of your home.

B. A beginner could learn to sing in 60 days using the eight core modules. Advanced singers could take their skill to higher levels through the two bonus advanced modules. It is a proven system that will result in massive enhancements in every aspect of your vocal performance.

Access your online singing lessons anytime, anywhere.C. It is a time saver. You get immediate online access to the full content of your Superior Singing Method course. Use a laptop, desktop, Mac – or just download the exercises to your phone and access the voice lessons anytime, anywhere.

D. It is a money-saver. The outlay for the course is around the same as what someone would shell out for just one voice lesson session with a professional vocal instructor: Easy plan ($39.95 three times) or One Time ($97, save 20%), with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. It also has free lifetime updates.

E. It is a step by step guide, unlike most free online singing lessons. It builds the foundation of your voice, all the way through to higher levels of singing performance. The fact that it starts with easy lessons that progressively strengthen your vocal muscles means that it helps protect your voice during the more advanced routines.

Online singing lesson techniques from the Superior Singing Method to produce awesome harmonies.F. It contains High Definition video, audio lessons and PDF manuals to help you perform the lessons correctly, which make this course easy to follow. Each module is recommended to be practiced for one week and also designed to allow you to progress at your pace.

G. It comes with separate sets of voice lessons for males and females, so both could get optimum benefits. When you begin each exercise, a vocalist accompanies for several seconds to help you get in tune and improve your existing voice.

H. It is a course exclusively designed by Aaron – you won’t find this system anywhere else. When you’ve gone through this program, then you will be able to sing your favorite songs exceptionally well.

I. It delivers top notch support from Aaron and his team; just send him an email for questions or advice to help you further with your progress.

You could start reaching for your dream right now.

Using singing lessons for beginners to improve singing voice.

Start Your Journey to Singing Stardom


3. What More Would I Get from the Superior Singing Method?

You’ll get all these and more:

Bonus package:

Image for online voice lessons, singing classes, free singing, learn to sing online, online vocal training, download vocal lessons, singing exercises, voice training, singing lessons for kids, voice coach, and singing lessons for beginnersSuperior Singing Method Manual – This 124-page manual explains how to become a professional vocalist – from vocal techniques to strengthening your voice.

Quick start Guide to Performing – Gives you strategies, tips and tricks to prepare for anything before your performance.

Quick start Guide to Music Marketing – Provides sensible and practical ideas on how to launch your singing career.

How to Sing Harmony with Nathan Chapman – Video of a Two-Time Grammy Award winning producer explaining the basics of singing harmony.



Two bonus modules from the Vocal Coaching Club for advanced singers (Perform these lessons only after you’ve finished the eight week course):

Superior Vocal Agility – By the time you’ve gone through this module, you will perfectly hit the correct notes and jump from one key to another. You will learn to use vocal runs, without having to slide up to the correct notes, which makes your voice sound more polished and beautiful.

Develop Your Head Voice – When you’ve finished this module, you will be able to comfortably reach higher up your vocal register and expand your range. You can seamlessly blend your chest voice (lower register) and head voice (higher register) for a polished and professional singing performance.


4. Vocal Coaching Club

Vocal coaching club, the membership for the Superior Singing Method's advanced online singing exercises.

Most singers want to hit exceptional vocal ranges without any strain on their vocal cords. If you’re after the increase in your vocal range, the ability to consistently hit high notes and maintain them and you want to be a master of breath control, Aaron’s exclusive private membership site – the SSM Vocal Coaching Club is your surest bet. Loaded with over 60 vocal training videos that bring out the singing giant in you, the SSM Vocal Coaching Club membership is a must-have.

In addition to your membership, you’ll also get for free, the Superior Singing Pro Bundle which includes advanced programs:

Advanced online singing exercises from the Vocal Coaching Club of the Superior Singing Method.

Superior High Notes
Superior Vocal Health
Superior Vibrato
Superior Pitch
Superior Tone
Superior Mix
Correcting the Top 5 Singing Mistakes
Superior 7 Vocal Exercise

Even if you decide to opt out of the Superior Singing Method Vocal Coaching Club; which isn’t a good idea, all these Superior Singing Pro Bundle modules are yours to keep, with no strings attached.

And that’s not all…

There’s more in addition to all these awesome exercises/modules. You also get a new vocal training exercise each month in the members’ area to hone your vocal skills. As far as you’re concerned, you’ll never stagnate or retrogress as far as music is concerned; you’ll keep improving month-in, month-out.

Professional singer who took advantage of online singing exercises and voice training from a voice coach.If you’re the type that’s always looking for ways to grow and become better, you can have all these and more for just $19.95 a month.

Yes, you read right – $19.95 a month to be the singing sensation you’ve always wanted to be.

You do need to take the main course before you can gain access to Vocal Coaching Club. The Superior Singing Method is a collection of various exercises and techniques you may not have heard or come across before. Therefore, there’s always something for everyone regardless of their level of experience and persuasion.

The awesome thing is, even if you decide to cancel at any time, you’re allowed to. But who wants to let go of the best training music has to offer? Definitely not you.


SSM Horizontal Banner


5. Advice When You Are Ready To Be A Superior Singing Method Member

Here are some things that you must know:

Landing page of the official Superior Singing Method site.Clicking on links highlighted in blue on this review, some images on this page or on the scrolling image to the right will take you directly to the official Superior Singing Method landing page. You will see a “doodle video” with more info about the course. After a while, two “Add to Cart” buttons will appear below the video with the OFFICIAL PRICES of $39.95 (Easy Plan) and $97 (One Time).



The secure and official Click Bank Order Page for the Superior Singing Method. Clicking on a button will open up the corresponding official and secure ClickBank order page.

Some people have reportedly seen some websites offering the Superior Singing Method at lower prices. However, these are often low-quality pirated versions which could get you into copyright trouble, and some of these sites may be even involved in credit card fraud. These shady sites are usually up only for a short time and frequently put up “discount” ads.


6. Frequently Asked Questions About the Superior Singing Method

A. How is Superior Singing Method better than other singing courses?
Most other courses only offer audio lessons while Aaron’s step-by-step method uses video in addition to audio exercises. When you watch the videos, then you will see the correct form and know exactly how to properly perform each technique and exercise. This is impossible with just audio lessons. You also get instant online access with the Superior Signing Method. Since it does not have DVD’s, there is no waiting time – and Aaron passes on the savings to you, resulting in a more economical program.

Link to the landing page of the Superior Singing Method, the best online singing course today.B. Will my vocal range improve with the help of this course?
Absolutely! Thousands of amazing emails have already been received by Aaron from members who started out with this question and have experienced great results, and more success stories are still coming in. Some gain improvements more quickly than others. When you really follow the steps of the program, results are literally guaranteed. Many students have seen an increase of over a full octave from their starting range.

C. I’ve tried similar programs with similar promises, but I have not experienced the expected results. What makes the Superior Singing Method different?
The fact that thousands of people have experienced the effectiveness of the systematic vocal improvement strategy of the Superior Singing Method System, with plenty of social proof means that this is the program that will finally give you the breakthrough you need. Few, if any, programs have this distinction. When you really begin to go through the program, you will find that Aaron crafted the modules to help your voice reach new heights thereby maintaining his credibility.

D. What is the best way to use the Superior Singing Method system to improve my singing voice?
The fact that it is backed by 25+ years of research and hands-on experience with vocal improvement means that it will help you get results quickly without having to practice for hours a day. Watch the video for your day’s lesson and then simply following along to the vocal exercise audios. It is truly a simple system since all you have to do is watch, listen, and sing. You have unlimited, lifetime access to the program so you can go at your own pace if you’re too busy to practice on certain days.

I’m a beginner and don’t have much talent, can this program help me to learn to sing?
Let’s Hear Aaron’s Answer

Superior Singing Method Site


7. Final Recommendation: Would the Superior Singing Method Work for You?

The fact that you have read all the way to this point means that you have the desire and the willingness to learn how to sing, so the answer is YES.

Everything you need for achieving singing mastery on your own and at your own pace is in this popular program. Once you have started to notice refinements in your singing, it will be much easier to continue. Anyone with dedication can join the thousands of professionals, recording artists and even total beginners who experienced vocal breakthroughs through the Superior Singing Method. By the time you’ve gone through the course, you may even have an epic of your own to add to these success stories.

Concert scene after online voice lessons, online vocal training, online vocal lessons, online singing exercises and voice trainingIf you are looking to improve your singing ability, the Superior Singing Method is the best course to help you find music-topia, no matter what skill level you’re on right now. It is the hottest, most trusted and effective online singing course available.

Even kids are not left out! The easy singing lessons for beginners also make this online singing program an excellent choice if you are looking for singing lessons for kids.

When you really begin to consider the effectiveness, convenience and savings you’ll enjoy from this course, then you’ll find that the Superior Singing Method is the perfect online singing course for you.


We all have goals and dreams – some of them are within reach. Are you ready to set your voice free?

Final link to the official product page of the Superior Singing Method, the best online singing program in the market.

Start Making Your Dream Come True


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